What is Immersion.RealLife ?


Immersion.RealLife is all about bringing you deeply moving, immersive experiences, unlike anything before it in the arena of personal cinema, using the latest in Virtual Reality Technology. Our vision requires staying on the leading edge of technological advancements in virtual reality, 360 video/audio capture, animation and pre/post processing tools, what we have dubbed as Immersion Capture.



Immersion Capture is not only digital imaging and audio capture techniques. It also involves the post processing techniques targeted specifically to virtual reality systems. The end result is a fully immersive 360 degree perspective, a totally new experience for the viewer.

Imagine for a moment you’re exploring a cramped crevice, deep in Utah’s remote canyon lands. When out of nowhere a storm thunders into existence, bringing with it the sounds of torrential rainfall. Your heart begins to race as you hear the sounds of rushing water, a flash flood! You look around just in time to see the water rushing toward you. Adrenaline kicks in and you look for an escape, but then realize, wait, I am home, safe. For a moment though, you were somewhere else, immersed in the excitement of the adventure.

Immersion.RealLife an evolution in the cinematic experience. From the comfort of your home, enjoy a journey that creates deep personal connections to the places, cultures and the people that make our world epic.