(A full 360 degree experience, click and drag inside the video window to move your perspective.)
Immersion.RealLife presents a Uplift
Uplift tells the story we all have wondered about. What happens to a balloon when it floats away, what does it see, and where does it go? Uplift was created for the Kaleidoscope VR film festival. This is one of the first film festivals in the world to feature ONLY virtual reality films. It celebrates the best artists working in the cutting edge field right now. The festival is traveling to 10 cities in US & Canada: Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Montreal, Toronto, New York City & Austin. www.kvrff.com

Coming to the final experience for Uplift was anything but a simple process.  The story went through many design revisions, but the core idea remained the same, the story had to support the aerial 360 montage we were creating which showcases our talent for aerial 360 capture and our EyeFly technology.

During production of Uplift we had several hurdles to overcome. First and foremost was timing and scope of the project. From initial concept to final experience we had a 14 day window to complete Uplift. We knew from past experience that it was going to take 7-10 days just for processing the aerial footage we needed for Uplift. This left us with a small window for shooting with our custom designed aerial 360 degree capture system we call EyeFly as well as the ground shots with our actors needed to complete the story.

When all was said and done we processed over 20 minutes of footage, nearly a terabyte of data and over 100 hours of work between all of the team members to pull off the 2 and a half minute Uplift experience you are seeing today