Birds Eye View

(A full 360 degree experience, click and drag inside the video window to move your perspective.)

At Immersion:RealLife we’ve spent the last few months developing, testing, re-developing and further testing our custom designed 360 degree aerial camera system. Our design is unique in that we did not simply take our starfish 360 array and mount it below a quad copter. One of the issues we found with that route is whats called the pendulum effect, causing the aircrafts performance to suffer. In addition you have to worry about how to remove the aircraft from the video. With our design we took an entirely different route using 10 GoPro 4 Blacks and a custom designed hex copter. We still have a little further polish to complete before the aircraft is production ready. But thats our aerial secret sauce. We set out to design the highest quality seamless 360 platform and after months of testing we are ready to show a short preview clip. If you have access to a VR headset like the oculus rift or gearVR watch with that. Its amazing!